Champagne's favorite perfumes.

Updated: Aug 8

Hey Girlfriends!

Mothers Day is coming up and when's the last time you bought yourself and moms some perfume? Girl ,go treat yourself!

When you look good & smell good...girl you're a SNACK!!


If your goal is to smell sophisticated and rich'this blog is for you!

The ultimate goal this year is all about

Feeling good

Looking good

smelling good

& Pockets full!

A good choice of perfume will set your mood by adding more glitz to your natural aroma.

This top shelf list is created for Summer late nights, Early morning OK?!

Perfect summer aroma that you can wear to brunches, beach, work, and on dates!

p.s list is not in order

Dolce & Gabbanna -Light Blue

Burberry- BRIT sheer

Marc Jacobs - Daisy

Chanel - Chance

YSL- Tuxedo

COACH - Poppy ( perfect Brunch)

Jimmy Choo - Blossom

Bvlgari - CORA

Gucci - Guilty

Versace- Versus ( perfect date night)

Vera Wang - Princess

Juicy Couture- Viva la Juicy

Prada - Candy

Also, these perfumes are under $100, girl you better!

-Xo ChampagneDiarys

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