Gifts for him, Best Christmas gift.

Updated: Nov 16

Smell like Money $$

Girl, can you believe its really some men on earth who's not use to putting on cologne everyday.

Colonge to them is like a "occasional" smell. Nah.

Sis, put your man on! Take him out of Axe, Adidas , Polo, or Bond' and put him in some designer sis. Periodt!

Below is a list of cologne that I bought for my man cologne collection, I had to put him on sis. I'm proud of how far it got him, he knows how to pick his own now.LOL


( Top cologne that smells masculine,wealthy,soo good )

1. Sauvage / DIOR

2. Light Blue / D&G

3. Touch / BURBERRY

4.Bleu Chanel- CHANEL


These are perfect gifts to treat him including a mahogany card expressing your love.

(Spray some of YOUR perfume inside the card.)

Thank me later ....

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