Leo's in September

My fierce Leos.

We're being tested...

same test, different tests...

You will repeat the same lesson until you understand and pass.

Adjust your crown. I know life is tricky right now. You're going through emotions, growing pains and obstacles in life thats pushing you out of your comfort zone... That push you get to make a choice ;to either expand those wings and leap.or be in same stagnant spots from years ago?

If you're celebrating a birthday, first thing to do is inhale life, exhale new chapter. Becoming more and more.

August is all about finishing what you started

September, adjust to blossom in your season

your purpose is to live.

Everything you wrote down in your journals and notes are signs.

Do everything you said you was gone do.

nothing is holding you back but yourself.

Set yourself free.

Overcome your fears.

Let your soul guide you

.Feed your soul nutrition-- of love, healing and wisdom.


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