Bye Bye BV + Yeast...

Updated: May 6

Self love is the best love

Take your time out to study Your body

When you study your body, eliminate whatever YOU see a pattern in. Whether its your food choices, spandex, detergent,bathbombs, sex, antibiotics or bad habits. LET IT GO. It sound so simple huh?

This Yoni detox is simply just for the yoni, I recommend doing this yoni detox or steam 2-3x a month to keep flora balanced if needed.

This Yoni Detox helps yoni clean out vagina with all three magical natural things....


yes. simple right. APPLE cider Vinegar + Sea salt + Loofah

Apple cider vinegar is a magical healer, this acidity will help bring your vagina pH level back to normal (acidity).

Espom Salt - Run your bubble bath fill it up with Bath Espom salt + herbs is optional

Loofah- Scrub away dead skin around the labia.

Fun Fact: A normal vaginal pH is between 3.8 and 4.5. A pH level within this range can help to keep bacterial and fungal infections at bay If rise above that can cause your pH to become unbalanced.

Soak your yoni for 15-20 mins



Girl, I hate to tell you BUT Give those thongs a rest.

Please wear Cotton panties time to time.

Let your vagina breathe.

You will feel much better.

Take care.

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