Updated: Aug 8

Hey girlfriend,

How are you?

Like emotionally, how are you?

I know past few months have been chaos so I want to bring peace to you...

When's the last time you had some "Me time"? Not talking hair and nails appointments but time to reflect, recharge and refresh.

Grab your diary +Champagne

Twenty-Twenty so far have taught everyone lesson but a personal one. Each story is different .

Come out of 2020 powerful, its like you owe yourself a come-up to become the best version of you. Set a date with yourself and Take time to get lost in your vault.


sit still,

Its always a good to reflect on you, your life, your surroundings. Looking at the picture and outside the frame. Reflect often but not too much or you'll become an over thinker. Whew! So don' be too critical but be realistic with yourself. Often when I have conversations with women I always ask "do you have a diary?"and I always get this facial expression as if once upon time I was in their life and then their story. I believe in holding a daily conversation with yourself and document your story.

because that was the first and only way I have connect to myself at the age of 8 when I was gifted my first diary.Writing is powerful. Writing helps you express your emotions on a page, and it gives so many times to start over... And that was my peace, here I am twenty give and still writing and reflecting. So should you..


Protect your energy at all cost,

Toxicity is like poison to the soul. Stay away from it whether its from relationships, friendship or family. Know when to remove yourself.

Its so easy to become mentally, emotionally and physically drained.

Take some time out to recharge your mind and body .

Those "little naps" plays a BIG role and a tole on our bodies . You owe yourself a longer nap, unplug off social media + get some beauty sleep or Take a hot bubble bath, light your candles + play your fav. playlist

Almost everything will work again if you unplug it fora few minutes,

including you.


still I rise, blossoming

The feeling of peace and happiness from within will gives you a indescribable glow. You can't help but to glow and shine light onto others.

Refreshing is a change, a new chapter of your journey.

Restore yourself by finding your truth.

Rewrite your goals and celebrate YOURSELF.

look at how far you've came, despite the chaos the world have going on.

You're here and standing. Give yourself a clap. Tell yourself "I Love you"

" Visualize yourself as woman you want to become and start showing up for her."




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