Keeping Up with Yoni

Have you ever heard that a vagina have a mind of its own?

Some days you feel fresh and sweet then next feeling uncomfortable and bitter. 'Keeping it up with Vagina' sounds better! Whew.

Lets take a moment and thank our vagina cause she’ll know changes before our mind do. OKK?!!


Let’s this get clear now! Every woman body is different and so is the vagina from the musk, pigmentation, size, hair texture. sensitivity, and discharge. So lets not judge -Vaginas don’t have a face!

They turnt the summer up with that one but shade is everywhere about it.

I honestly think its because women really don't talk about urinary health and so easy to judge one another. But damnit we gone talk about it such as WAP, yeast infections and BV,

The shade is coming from WOMEN.

Why Girl? *Keke voice*

What is Yeast? (candida albicans)

A healthy vagina has yeast and bacteria but if your body produces or consumes too much yeast it multiplies causing a damn yeast infection. So, Check in for wine... YIKES!

Every woman will experience at least one yeast infection throughout their life and there are women who's prone to chronic yeast experience more than 4 yeast infections a year.

A lot of women suffers from both and damnit we gone talk about it!

Its not embarrassing to talk about it, whats embarrassing is when you want some... and don't smell too good.

This blog will help you,a peace of mind and detox bath will solve some problems...just keep reading...

Candida albicans is a fungus, a thrush that lives in warm environment such as our body and vagina. Anything can trigger an growth of yeast. There are more factors below.

Yeast infections are not a STI but from experience I'd study that. It be safe to treat you and your partner. Many MD's say "Men can't get yeast from a woman"blah blah any thing that comes in contact with yeast will have some type of reaction and if have sex with untreated partner its a possibility you could reinfect yourself with yeast

other factor causes yeast:

  • pregnancy

  • antibiotics

  • birth control

  • diabetes

  • sugary foods

  • swimming pools

  • wet clothes

  • baby powder

  • nylon

  • spandex

The symptoms include:

  • thick cottage like discharge

  • swollen vulva

  • chafe vulva

  • intense itching

  • discomfort with sex

Get rid of Yeast:

  • Drink pure cranberry juice

  • Alkaline water

  • eliminate yeast from diet (dairy, bread, soda)

  • Get out of workout clothes immediately

  • Stop wearing VS panties everyday (thongs + material is harsh on skin)

  • Wear cotton panties

  • Change wash towel every day

  • Fragrance free detergent

What is Bacteria Vaginosis?

Over growth of bacteria overgrowth of anaerobic bacteria and an organism called Gardnerella vaginalis.A normal vaginal pH is between 3.8 and 4.5.

A pH level within this range can help to keep bacterial and fungal infections at bay If rise above that can cause your pH to become unbalanced.Bacteria Vaginosis causes your normal pH to rise above 4.5 with a foul gray cloudy discharge.

Sometimes its easy to confuse yeast with bv yet they do have similarities but are different fungus groups. The difference is yeast itches, burn like hell and BV will give you a foul fishy smell that get worse afters shower. \


Soo BV isn't considered a STI but very possible you can get it from unprotective sex, like how ironic? Men Semen pH is 7.1-8. and depending on soap and how fresh he is down there. Geesh!

Fun fact: You must pee before after sex to avoid UTI's.

There are many other factors that causes unbalanced in pH such as:

  • Must pee after sex

  • Douching 

  • Sex toys

  • Soaps. (Dove, Irish Spring,

  • Antibiotics

  • dairy products

  • baby powder

  • Spices 

  • fried foods/processed foods

  • carbs

  • Stress

  • Menstrual 

Take a probiotic everyday, clean your yoni with fragrance free, eliminate toxic d....Whew..


Take care!

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